Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Top 5 HTML5 Catalog Software to Create Custom Page Flip Catalogs for Target Audience

Audiences are consuming more content online than ever before. The key to earn more audiences online now is to create more attractive digital content. Flipbook jquery plugin is definitely the right method to help draw the audiences'attention, especially when you already have your target audience groups. With the flipbook jquery plugin, you can create custom page flip catalogs with ease, thus to get the best results for your custom catalogs and your business in general.

The very powerful feature of multi-language support enables custom content easily created by different native language of target audiences. You define what language you want as the toolbar language, which will meet lots of different language speaking audiences. In this way, you can successfully interact with them build a better understanding of them. In the post, I would like to make a list of top 5 html catalog software that can help you get your target audience through creating a custom stunning html page flip catalogs.

PUB HTML5 is awesome flipbook jquery plugin to create your custom content of page flip catalogs. You can identify their language and then define their mother language (17+) as the toolbar language according to your target audiences’ requirement. The feature of interface language customization will bring lots of conveniences to your target audiences.

                                                      Video of PUB HTML5

Flip HTML5
Flip HTML5 supports user interface in multi-languages, which means you can customize different languages for interface of Fliphtml5. With 17 languages in a total, you can expand your custom page flip catalogs all over the world without effort.

Flip PDF Professional
Flip PDF Professional’s build-in interface supports 11 languages: English, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, French, German, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish. It is powerful enough to reach more audiences from different regions.

3D PageFlip Professional
If you are seeking page flip software that can design flash language for output page flip books,
3D Page Flip Professional deserves a try. You can make real book-like digital flipping catalogs with different languages displayed for your target audiences.

FlipBook Creator
A language setting is one powerful setting of FlipBook Creator. You can easily change different languages to reach your target readers who require a different language too.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Top 2 Page Flipping Digital Publishing Tools Without Flash

A digital publishing tool is required when creating a page flipping book. Generally, professional people would like to start with java and flash project so that they can make a more beautiful flip book. However, not everyone can master a professional yet complicated technology at short notice. In this case, non-professional one definitely prefers easier publishing tools without flash to create digital publications with page flip effect. Software Developers continuously work to make digital publishing tools to be easier available for anybody.

The free and easy-to-use digital publishing software now are springing up like bamboo shoots after rain. The function of easily converting PDF to HTML5 catalogs inspires people to create interactive page flipping catalogs without flash. To make a beautiful flip book like a professional does is no longer unreachable. See the top 2 digital publishing tool without flash below and learn how they can make stunning page flipping books easily and quickly.

                                                                   Awesome Demo

As free online page flipping tools, PUB HTML5 has a good reputation from its PDF to HTML5 page flip conversion service. It enables to transfer PDF, MS Office and images into page flipping book in minutes. Just import the exiting PDF files, Users can easily create an awesome flipping book with Page Editor and Animation Editor without any code any flash. The created flipping book will work and look great cross digital platform thus help engage the audiences with interactive experiences. Moreover, users can create unlimited online digital publications with online publishing platform of PUB HTML5 without charge.

Flip HTML5
Flip HTML5 is advanced page flip software which does not reply on internet and 3rd party website. It can work well across platform too. Flip HTML5 has more advanced features, like PDF to HTML5 processing conversion, html5 supporting, mobile reading available, great page flip effect etc. It has a very easy to use interface, which enable you to create PDF to page flip book in 3 steps and online web conversion services can be accessed from anywhere. It is suitable for everyone in digital publishing business.