Monday, 30 March 2015

Why Interactive Flipbook is Essential for Digital Marketing

Briefly, digital marketing refers to the transfer of business content from practical platforms to electronic media which involves the timely analysis of marketing campaigns. It is a flexible way for digital marketers to monitor things happening on their website, like what is being viewed, how often and for how long, sales conversions, etc. Keep in mind that digital media is always in a dynamic state with ever-growing source of technologies, shopping, news and entertaining events.

Good exposure doesn’t equal to popular recognition. If visitors just passively read, watch or listen to it, the branded things would only leave a weak footprint on visitors’ brain without any further action. Therefore, interactive content plays a vital role in advertising and marketing your online products. The key to create interactive content is to deliver a truly memorable content moment. People would also value what the media, friends and peers are saying. So why not turn your PDF content into interactive flipbook (

Why should use interactive flipbook for digital marketing?

First one is the flappable convenience.

The online book emulates the realistic book reading experience reflected in page flipping effect just like a 3d eBook ( In the future, more and more priority will be put on the establishment of marketing content. For customers, content should make it easy and funny to locate and apply the excellent products and services they could search and find on various channels including social media, search engine and paid advertising.

Second one is the versatile function for engagement.

Digital flipbook initiates a favorable platform for online marketers to present their products. Let alone its quick conversion from PDF to flipbook, active communication between the flipbook builder and viewers could be highly advanced with multiple media. It breaks the silent appreciation atmosphere with videos, music, audios. Interactive interface allows visitors to leave a message on the flipbook which helps gather voice of prospects.

Thirdly, flipbook could be read on all mobile devices.

As the world is still transitioning to be more mobile, no one could do anything to tackle this trend. All your consumers use a variety of devices with different protocols, specifications and interfaces. To create more visibility for your published content, make sure your marketing flipbook is responsive that works on all devices.

Show your digital content on the interactive flipbook to foster online marketing. It deserves your trial.


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