Friday, 24 July 2015

Flip Book Maker Free Version to Create Innovative and Interactive Fashion Magazine

Recently, the magazine industry has become more and more competitive. It is very hard to survive under such an environment of intense competition without innovation. Now, your difficulty will have a perfect answer with the help of the flip book maker free version. How do you define a fashion magazine? Besides the necessary fastest trend information, a real fashion magazine shall be fashionable itself. What here means is that all the elements including magazine maker, photographic equipment, and so on shall be fashion enough to grade the level of the magazine. Flip HTML5 is definitely a faddish software to help you. 

Innovative and Interactive
Flip digital fashion magazines are somehow more interactive. With the flip magazine you could have interaction of photographs, music, video, articles with readers. Flip HTMLl5 opens an era of flip magazine as the industry leader. The design page in Flip HTMLl5 is sure so fabulous, fascinating and fantastic. One of the most appealing insert functions and effects is the animations insert.  Animations give vitalities to your fashion magazine. 

Fashionable Layout

A successful fashion magazine supposes to combine elegant taste, unique style, vivid expressions, and novel design to an internal whole. Flip PDF meets all you need. With the multi-media elements you add into your flip fashion magazine, you can present an interactive and attractive flip magazine to readers online and offline. It is no longer a dream to create interactive fashion magazines of vivid and live like flip function.  

Powerful Sharing and Publishing

Firstly, publishing the magazine online and share it via email to reach as many readers as possible. Secondly, the magazine could be read online or offline, through computers, laptops and mobile phones. Thirdly, the flip magazine also supported burned into CD/DVD or print into the paper form.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Useful Tips for Enhancing Your Presentation with Free Animated Presentation Software

If you want to capture anyone’s attention through a presentation, a general PowerPoint presentation is not good enough. To make it alive, stunning and amazingly snazzy, you need the free animated presentationsoftware- Focusky. Here are several useful tips for enhancing your presentation with this software.

Make Your Presentation Unique
Your presentation presents your way, so it is time to say goodbye to traditional slide and make a different zooming presentation. With Focusky you are able to choose a stunning template and make a fantastic presentation in your style.

Combine PowerPoint and PDFs
PowerPoint and PDFs is commonly used in your work, however, they are dull. Focusky can make them lively and more attractive. You are allowed to add many more elements into any slide and path of the presentation. And with this software, you never have to switch between different programs during creating your presentation.

Add Rich Medias
In order to make the presentation dynamic, adding animations is of great help. With Focusky, you can apply animations on digital presentation objects with the built-in powerful animation editor. It never has to write a single line of code.

Publish Presentations Online
There are multiple options for you to publish your presentations online or in your computer. The multiple output options provided by Focusky allows you to easily save your presentation as SWF, XML, HTML, EXE, APP, ZIP and youtube video to publish on website or enjoy presentation on PC.

Connect with Your Audience
The great content will make your presentation truly interactive, and share a live stream of your presentation will greatly connect with your audience effectively. This can lead anyone with a web browser to join in real-time.

Super Sharing
The sharing setting is ready for you to add before you publishing your presentations. When open the created presentation, the viewers can easily find the share button and with a simple click of mouse, you can instantly share the presentation to the social network and spread to the world.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Flip Book Maker: 4 Things You Should Know About

Doing digital publishing is easy now;It is still hard and time-consuming for you to seek a suitable flip book maker to create your own digital publications online. Once you make a right choice, you get half the results with double the effort. The right flip book maker will help attract more customers and boost your business. Aiming at finding the right flip book maker, it is necessary to understand the key features and capabilities of the flip book maker options available in the market. In the post we take FlipHTML5, the professional and highly-spoken flip book maker as an example to illustrate and list FOUR most essential things you should know before choosing a flip book maker.

Page flipping effect
A digital flip book is popular for its stunning page turning effect. FlipHTML5 provides you with the realistic recreation of page flip animations and sound. And there is no coding and design skill needed. With a couple minutes, a static PDF file can be converted to a page flipping book. That’s what a professional flipbook maker should do. Usually, it is free to try.

Support for any devices
A digital publication works well on any devices with the help of HTML5 technology. The devices include iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets. FlipHTML5 with the HTML5 technology allows you to upload digital books to a website and add specific title, keywords and other metadata defined to make it be viewed and searched online.

Adding interactive elements
Compared to print publishing, digital publishing offers the chance for adding interactive elements such as video, sound, images, links etc, making it so different from the print publishing. Digital publications with interactive elements will enhance the content and reading experience for both you and your customer. It could be done in a user friendly interface very quickly with FlipHTML5.

Cloud storage
Cloud storage function of the flip book maker FlipHTML5 satisfies the needs of uploading and downloading publications online. It enables you to upload PDF documents and turn them into digital book to store on FlpHTML5 cloud server. You have your own homepage to fully control the publications you've uploaded online.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Why Interactive Flipbook is Essential for Digital Marketing

Briefly, digital marketing refers to the transfer of business content from practical platforms to electronic media which involves the timely analysis of marketing campaigns. It is a flexible way for digital marketers to monitor things happening on their website, like what is being viewed, how often and for how long, sales conversions, etc. Keep in mind that digital media is always in a dynamic state with ever-growing source of technologies, shopping, news and entertaining events.

Good exposure doesn’t equal to popular recognition. If visitors just passively read, watch or listen to it, the branded things would only leave a weak footprint on visitors’ brain without any further action. Therefore, interactive content plays a vital role in advertising and marketing your online products. The key to create interactive content is to deliver a truly memorable content moment. People would also value what the media, friends and peers are saying. So why not turn your PDF content into interactive flipbook (

Why should use interactive flipbook for digital marketing?

First one is the flappable convenience.

The online book emulates the realistic book reading experience reflected in page flipping effect just like a 3d eBook ( In the future, more and more priority will be put on the establishment of marketing content. For customers, content should make it easy and funny to locate and apply the excellent products and services they could search and find on various channels including social media, search engine and paid advertising.

Second one is the versatile function for engagement.

Digital flipbook initiates a favorable platform for online marketers to present their products. Let alone its quick conversion from PDF to flipbook, active communication between the flipbook builder and viewers could be highly advanced with multiple media. It breaks the silent appreciation atmosphere with videos, music, audios. Interactive interface allows visitors to leave a message on the flipbook which helps gather voice of prospects.

Thirdly, flipbook could be read on all mobile devices.

As the world is still transitioning to be more mobile, no one could do anything to tackle this trend. All your consumers use a variety of devices with different protocols, specifications and interfaces. To create more visibility for your published content, make sure your marketing flipbook is responsive that works on all devices.

Show your digital content on the interactive flipbook to foster online marketing. It deserves your trial.


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

How Free PDF to Flash Page Flip Catalog Affect Website Traffic?

Creating flash page flip catalog from your plain PDF file is an effective way to reach more visitors from your website. It doesn't have to download and install the reader first as PDF format catalog do on website. PDF to flash page flip book offers website visitors a more convenient life-like content reading experience by flipping the pages that are available on all web browsers. In other words, that page flip catalog can greatly affect the website traffic.
Free PDF to flash page Flip catalog created by AnyFlip can prove the point. The digital catalog creator AnyFlip makes it easy to reach more visitors for your websites through with the following approaches.

1.   Expand Searchable Possibility 

Unlike PDF format catalog, flash page flip catalog created by AnyFlip own the searchable full text version for your target readers to find out your catalog on site. The search engine optimization in some way offers you the opportunity to add keywords to the title and description of your catalog. In a result, the created page flip catalog can be indexed by diverse search engines, increase the possibility of visiting your sites.

2.   Switch Different Language Version

A digital catalog with different language version across the network means it easily gets access to the whole world. Dozens of languages offered by AnyFlip for you to meet the requirements of those readers who from different regions. Better still, when catalog with different languages are searchable, it could enable a large increase in website visitors. More and more clicks of you sites from different countries aren’t a dream.

3.   Connect to Social Media

When you publish content digitally, you are creating a possibility to reach more readers, and have more readers be able to share on a bigger scale. The social networking integration of AnyFlip enables you to publish a flash flipping catalog on sites. Once visitors successfully read your catalogs, they are also allowed to click the share button to easily share them to more people on networks.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Publish Cross-Platform Flipping Ebook for Ipad E-learning

Since most people is doing ipad officing and learning now, html5 digital publications are definitely a vital part that should be given enough attention to. There are software developed for creating eBook and offering flexibility to help cover as many viewers as possible. By fully using them, you can just create your cross-platform eBooks in few clicks only. Besides, the final HTML5 version of eBook will be optimized to offer the best experience to ipad readers. You can access our online platform to add new eBooks to your ipad and download an eBook to read it offline later.

Want to create and publish your own flipping books for ipad e-learning? Hope the flipping eBooks can be access by audiences anytime anywhere? Your ipad flipping eBooks will be cross-platform and can be delivered to different mobile devices without additional costs with the digital publishing software listed in the post.

PUB HTML5 lets you convert your PDF, MS Office and images into page flipping eBooks in minutes. The html5 digital publications published by PUB HTML5 works well cross digital platform. They can be instantly available on today’s most popular mobile devices including iphone,ipad, android devices, tablets and so much more. Moreover, you can create unlimited online digital publication with online publishing platform of PUB HTML5. It can perfectly help you engage your audiences with interactive experiences.

The FlipHtml5 intelligent platform uses the leading unlimited hosting cloud platform for delivering secure, high-performing user experiences to any device, anywhere. It reaches globally and delivers locally. It offers your customers with unmatched reliability and security. 

Boxoft PDF to Flipbook
Boxoft PDF to Flipbook software is flexible and powerful software for all levels of users to create professional page flipping eBooks for ipad. You can use this program to customize your own type flipbooks with realistic page-turning effect. You can upload your flip book online and manage them online.

eFlip Professional 
You can easily make flipbook with the most realistic 3D page flip effect with eFlip Professional . And of course this is also a digital publishing platform works well for ipad.

3D PageFlip Standard
The flipping eBook mobile version of 3D PageFlip Standard is to output HTML flipbook which can be viewed on mobile devices via Browsers.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Top 5 HTML5 Catalog Software to Create Custom Page Flip Catalogs for Target Audience

Audiences are consuming more content online than ever before. The key to earn more audiences online now is to create more attractive digital content. Flipbook jquery plugin is definitely the right method to help draw the audiences'attention, especially when you already have your target audience groups. With the flipbook jquery plugin, you can create custom page flip catalogs with ease, thus to get the best results for your custom catalogs and your business in general.

The very powerful feature of multi-language support enables custom content easily created by different native language of target audiences. You define what language you want as the toolbar language, which will meet lots of different language speaking audiences. In this way, you can successfully interact with them build a better understanding of them. In the post, I would like to make a list of top 5 html catalog software that can help you get your target audience through creating a custom stunning html page flip catalogs.

PUB HTML5 is awesome flipbook jquery plugin to create your custom content of page flip catalogs. You can identify their language and then define their mother language (17+) as the toolbar language according to your target audiences’ requirement. The feature of interface language customization will bring lots of conveniences to your target audiences.

                                                      Video of PUB HTML5

Flip HTML5
Flip HTML5 supports user interface in multi-languages, which means you can customize different languages for interface of Fliphtml5. With 17 languages in a total, you can expand your custom page flip catalogs all over the world without effort.

Flip PDF Professional
Flip PDF Professional’s build-in interface supports 11 languages: English, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, French, German, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish. It is powerful enough to reach more audiences from different regions.

3D PageFlip Professional
If you are seeking page flip software that can design flash language for output page flip books,
3D Page Flip Professional deserves a try. You can make real book-like digital flipping catalogs with different languages displayed for your target audiences.

FlipBook Creator
A language setting is one powerful setting of FlipBook Creator. You can easily change different languages to reach your target readers who require a different language too.