Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Useful Tips for Enhancing Your Presentation with Free Animated Presentation Software

If you want to capture anyone’s attention through a presentation, a general PowerPoint presentation is not good enough. To make it alive, stunning and amazingly snazzy, you need the free animated presentationsoftware- Focusky. Here are several useful tips for enhancing your presentation with this software.

Make Your Presentation Unique
Your presentation presents your way, so it is time to say goodbye to traditional slide and make a different zooming presentation. With Focusky you are able to choose a stunning template and make a fantastic presentation in your style.

Combine PowerPoint and PDFs
PowerPoint and PDFs is commonly used in your work, however, they are dull. Focusky can make them lively and more attractive. You are allowed to add many more elements into any slide and path of the presentation. And with this software, you never have to switch between different programs during creating your presentation.

Add Rich Medias
In order to make the presentation dynamic, adding animations is of great help. With Focusky, you can apply animations on digital presentation objects with the built-in powerful animation editor. It never has to write a single line of code.

Publish Presentations Online
There are multiple options for you to publish your presentations online or in your computer. The multiple output options provided by Focusky allows you to easily save your presentation as SWF, XML, HTML, EXE, APP, ZIP and youtube video to publish on website or enjoy presentation on PC.

Connect with Your Audience
The great content will make your presentation truly interactive, and share a live stream of your presentation will greatly connect with your audience effectively. This can lead anyone with a web browser to join in real-time.

Super Sharing
The sharing setting is ready for you to add before you publishing your presentations. When open the created presentation, the viewers can easily find the share button and with a simple click of mouse, you can instantly share the presentation to the social network and spread to the world.

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