Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Flip Book Maker: 4 Things You Should Know About

Doing digital publishing is easy now;It is still hard and time-consuming for you to seek a suitable flip book maker to create your own digital publications online. Once you make a right choice, you get half the results with double the effort. The right flip book maker will help attract more customers and boost your business. Aiming at finding the right flip book maker, it is necessary to understand the key features and capabilities of the flip book maker options available in the market. In the post we take FlipHTML5, the professional and highly-spoken flip book maker as an example to illustrate and list FOUR most essential things you should know before choosing a flip book maker.

Page flipping effect
A digital flip book is popular for its stunning page turning effect. FlipHTML5 provides you with the realistic recreation of page flip animations and sound. And there is no coding and design skill needed. With a couple minutes, a static PDF file can be converted to a page flipping book. That’s what a professional flipbook maker should do. Usually, it is free to try.

Support for any devices
A digital publication works well on any devices with the help of HTML5 technology. The devices include iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets. FlipHTML5 with the HTML5 technology allows you to upload digital books to a website and add specific title, keywords and other metadata defined to make it be viewed and searched online.

Adding interactive elements
Compared to print publishing, digital publishing offers the chance for adding interactive elements such as video, sound, images, links etc, making it so different from the print publishing. Digital publications with interactive elements will enhance the content and reading experience for both you and your customer. It could be done in a user friendly interface very quickly with FlipHTML5.

Cloud storage
Cloud storage function of the flip book maker FlipHTML5 satisfies the needs of uploading and downloading publications online. It enables you to upload PDF documents and turn them into digital book to store on FlpHTML5 cloud server. You have your own homepage to fully control the publications you've uploaded online.

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